Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Old Consoles Versus New Consoles

Just as the title states, This blog is mostly about the Older Generation of Gaming consoles, Such as the Old Super Nintendo, And Nintendo 64, compared to the Xbox 360, And the Sony PS3.

To start off, I would like to talk about the Xbox 360. I'm saddened to say, its Disk management system, is for a lack of any worthy terms, a "Fail". If you have your Xbox set up vertically, while playing a game, and it tilts just SLIGHTLY, your disk is as good as gone. That is one of my major problems with the Xbox 360.

Now. To the Playstation 3. Frankly, I originally loved the PS3, until the day My Power supply broke. I opted to buy a new power supply, and replaced it, figuring that since I did not have a warranty, It would not matter.

Within the next month, the Fan itself burned out, so I said "Figures, with my luck", and then replaced that aswell. But, as it seems, Sony seems to ahte me, because about two months after that, the Bluray dry bit it, like the other parts.

By this point, I said forget it, and Sent it in for repairs at the cost of $150, and figured it would last me a few years after that. Six weeks later, I get my PS3 back, working and all shiny. So I play it a bit. 90 Days pass, the new Warranty ends, and on Day 91, The heat sink, or motherboard fails. Need I say more?

Lets skip to my Nintendo 64 Console shall we?

I've had my Nintendo for quite a few years, and apart from some yellowing due to time passing by, It still works like a charm, apart from the dust blowing every so often.

Motto of this Rant? Older Consoles were made to last.

A new start


My name is Gage, and I used to write various blogs years ago.  While I've been away from the writing scene for a few years, I decided I would get back into it, and as such, I plan to start writing about various things that come to mind as I think of them. Such topics include Gaming, Life, History, Religion (Well, my views on it), Movies, books, and things like that. Until next time.